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Welcome to the Daigle Law Group online POST training class. Daigle Law Group has been selected as a vendor to Beta test an online training program. To demonstrate the capacity of online training, we have developed a 2019 legal update training program that will review the 2019 US Supreme Court and CT Supreme Court Cases. This training will provide officers with 1.5 hours of 201 blocks of legal training. The training is broken down into modules which include video segments and a quiz.  Please be aware you must complete each segment to proceed to the next segment.

In each segment, you will watch the assigned video.  When you have completed the training video, you will be directed to a quiz.  The testing mechanism is a selection of multiple-choice questions that must be completed to an 80% grade.  If you do not complete to an 80% grade, then you will be allowed a second chance at the exam.  If you do not pass the quiz the second time, the system will send you back to watch the segment video again.

Upon completion of the training course you will be asked to participate in a brief survey regarding your opinions of the training.  Please take a few minutes and provide us with your thoughts.