Training to help protect officers

Path of the Guardian was developed to help protect law enforcement officers. New videos are distributed weekly providing training on policy and police practice issues.

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Path of the Guardian Features

→ New Video Every Week
Path of the Guardian users receive a new video training each week for an entire year.

→ Access Training Anywhere
Training videos can be accessed from anywhere on any device with our mobile-friendly design.

→ Expanding Library
Our Path of the Guardian training library covers 8 hours of total training (and growing).

→ Track Your Progress
Path of the Guardian tracks your completed training progress inside your user dashboard.

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What is Path of the Guardian™?

Daigle Law Group (DLG) and its Consultants have developed this video program to help protect law enforcement officers, “the Guardians,” by Developing The Guardian Mindset™. The videos are 8-10 minutes long, and focus on important policy and police practice issues developing across the country. The videos focus on Supreme Court updates, police practice issues, important court rulings, high liability issues, Department of Justice investigations, and accreditation standards. The videos are provided to the department to be distributed week for a total of 52 videos a year.

It is clear that the past few years have been challenging for law enforcement, specifically with multiple high profile litigation and deadly force incidents. In addition, the Department has been scrutinizing many police departments and other outside entities. We know these challenges will not stop, but only get worse unless we address the real issues officers face each day. We understand that it is not possible for officers to read and memorize each and every policy in their policy manual. It is also not possible for officers to research and read every report or white paper that is released on how to do the job correctly. That is why we at DLG are here to help. The purpose and intent of this weekly video training program is to give officers the tools to successfully perform their duties in short segments that are easily digested and understood. Our videos provide a brief overview of subjects to enhance your understanding of industry standards and proper police practices that must be followed. We believe that “Knowledge is Power,” and with your busy schedule we must find the most efficient and focused way to bring to you that knowledge or, as we say, “Develop the Guardian Mindset™.”

Path of the Guardian Training is the design of Attorney Eric Daigle, the Principal of Daigle Law Group LLC, who is the host of this video series training. Having spent well over a decade defending officers, supervisors, and command staff in police misconduct litigation, and watching the damage and stress that litigation puts on police officers, Daigle Law Group decided there must be a better way. That better way is effective training on policy and industry standards.

The videos are provided to the department to be distributed each week for a total of 52 videos a year. A new video is provided each week with a new topic.  We expect that at the end of 52 weeks, the officers viewing the videos will receive approximately eight hours of training.

Distribution of Training

Technology has afforded us the means to effectively and efficiently provide this information to the officers working in your department. With training, budgets stressed to the max, as an industry we must find another way. Why not use technology in a format where officers can focus on a specific subject for 8-10 minutes to ensure we are developing a guardian mindset. The videos are provided to the department to be distributed each week for a total of 52 videos a year. These videos can are distributed in different methods. If the agency uses PowerDMS or similar training system, the videos can be uploaded for weekly distribution. If not, the officer will be able to view the video through a hosted webpage accessible by computer or smartphone.