Year 1 Videos

PATH OF THE GUARDIAN™ Training Video Program – 52 Weeks

Below is a list of Training programs to be provided in the first year of the Path of the Guardian Training™ program. Our videos provide a brief overview of subjects to enhance your understanding of industry standards and proper police practices that must be followed. The videos focus on Supreme Court and Legal updates, police practice issues, Policy issues in the industry, high liability issues, Department of Justice investigations, and accreditation standards.

Training Topics:

Week 1: Introduction to Path of the Guardian

Week 2: Policing in 21st Century Report Pillars 1 & 2

Week 3: Policing in 21st Century Report Pillars 3 & 4

Week 4: Policing in 21st Century Report Pillars 5 & 6

Week 5: The Guardian Mindset

Week 6: Procedural Justice

Week 7: Use of Force

Week 8: SCOTUS United State v. Rodriguez

Week 9: Use of Force Standards: Electronic Control Weapons

Week 10: Use of Force Standards: Chemical Weapons

Week 11: Use of Force Standards: Impact Weapons

Week 12: SCOTUS Sheehan v. San Francisco

Week 13: SCOTUS Mullenix v. Luna

Week 14: Use of Force Standards: Firearms

Week 15: Assisting People with Mental Illness

Week 16: Senior Issues: Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Week 17: Use of Force: Writing Reports

Week 18: Assisting Persons with Disabilities: Sight & Hearing

Week 19: Missions Statement and Values

Week 20: Code of Ethics

Week 21: Anti-Harassment Policy

Week 22: Bias-Based Policy

Week 23: Eyewitness Identification Policy and Procedures

Week 24: Eyewitness Identification

Week 25: Interview & Interrogation – Part 1

Week 26: Interview & Interrogation – Part 2

Week 27: Interview & Interrogation – Part 3

Week 28: Search & Seizure: Citizen Contacts

Week 29: Search & Seizure: Terry Stops

Week 30: Search & Seizure: Citizen Contacts v. Terry Stops

Week 31: Search & Seizure: Terry Stops v Arrest

Week 32: Cell Phone Searches

Week 33: House Searches

Week 34: Search & Seizure: Recording Police Activity

Week 35: Search & Seizure: Reasonable Suspicion

Week 36: Search & Seizure: Vehicle Searches, Inventory Searches, and the Caretaker Functions

Week 37: Search & Seizure: Warrantless Search Based On Probable Cause

Week 38: Motor Vehicle Searches Pursuant to a Custodial Arrest

Week 39: The Knock and Announce Rule

Week 40: The Emergency Doctrine

Week 41: Supreme Court Decision: Utah v. Streiff

Week 42: Supreme Court Decision: Birchfield v. North Dakota

Week 43: Review of off-duty Conduct

Week 44: Off-Duty Conduct: Tactical Considerations

Week 45: Off-Duty Conduct: Social Media

Week 46: Prisoner Transport and Processing Part One

Week 47: Prisoner Transport and Processing Part Two

Week 48: Processing Foreign Nationals

Week 49: Holding Facility Procedures and Facility Equipment

Week 50: Vehicle Stops Based on Reasonable Suspicion

Week 51: Search & Seizure: Home Searches Payton Rule

Week 52: Search & Seizure: Protective Searches