Year 3 Videos

PATH OF THE GUARDIAN™ Training Video Program – Year 3

Below is a list of Training programs to be provided in the second year of the Path of the Guardian Training™ program. Our videos provide a brief overview of subjects to enhance your understanding of industry standards and proper police practices that must be followed. The videos focus on Supreme Court and Legal updates, police practice issues, Policy issues in the industry, high liability issues, Department of Justice investigations, and accreditation standards.

Training Topics:

Civil Liability – Failure to Fully Investigate Wesley v Campbell

Authority to Provide Content to Search – United States v Mojica

Protective Sweeps – United States v. Almonte

Interview & Interrogation – Statements Made During Booking

Drawing a Weapon During a Terry Stop

Roell vs Hamilton County – ADA and 1983 Claim Based on an Arrest

Dealing with Persons with Mental Illness

A Tale of Two Dogs – Hansen v Black & Harris v O’Hare

Dufort v City of New York

Hosea v City of St. Paul

United States v Paige

United States v Orth

United States v Bain

Sharp v City of Orange

Peno v. City of Rio Grande

Fourth Circuit: Brown v Elliott

Sixth Circuit: Latits v Phillips

District of Columbia v Wesby

United States v Aiken

United States v Quarterman

NARCAN Policy and Precautions Surrounding Fentanyl

United States v Thompson

United States v Clark

United States v Crumble

Darden v City of Forth Worth

Hensley v Price

Kisela v Hughes

United States v Rasberry

Bonivert v City of Clarkson

Horten v Pobjecky

Avina v Bohlen

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy – Rental Car: Byrd v United States

Vehicle Search in Driveway – Collins v Virginia

Taser Use on Schizophrenic Subject – Cravener v Shuster

Applicability of ADA to an Arrest: Haberle v. Troxell

United States v Haak

Extended Motor Vehicle Stop – United States v Rodriguez-Escalera

Need for Search Warrant to Secure Cell Phone Location Info: United States v Carpenter

Use of Force Excited Delirium Suspect: Callwood v Jones

Arrest With PC Does Not Bar 1st Amendment Claim: Lozman v City of Riviera Beach

Protective Sweep: United States v Ford

Search Warrant Prep: United States v Houck

Improper Search: Montanez v Carvajal

Motor Vehicle Search in Common Driveway: United States v Jones

Stale Information in Search Warrant: United States v Christian

Civil Liability – Use of Force: Manners v Cannella

The Importance of Reviewing Reports: United States v Ortiz Cruz

Motor Vehicle Stop/Drug Arrest – United States v Villafranco-Elizondo